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Analog 6 detection for Windows 7

analog is a great way to find hard facts from web server log files – no guessing at what is going on just hard facts.

Sadly Stephen Turner, the original author is no longer maintaining this program meaning that it has not detected new versions of operating systems since the release of 6.0 in 2005.

The community and I worked to add detection for Windows Vista after it’s launch and have now added detection for the forthcoming Windows 7 as well as Apple Macintosh OS X.

To make use of this you would need to recompile Analog (detailed instuctions can be found on the site, for most Linux installs this is simply a matter of ‘make’ but Windows is a little more involved).

Update 20 Jul 09, now includes detection for Google Chrome browser also.

The updated file you would need to replace is tree.c, this can be found here.


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